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Credit: NASA

Venus, the 2nd earth from sunshine, is named the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The earth — the actual only real world named after women — might have been named the many beautiful deity of her pantheon since it shone the brightest of the five planets recognized to ancient astronomers.

In ancient times, Venus ended up being frequently considered to be two various stars, the night celebrity and also the morning star — that's, those who initially showed up at sunset and sunrise. In Latin, these were correspondingly generally Vesper and Lucifer. In Christian times, Lucifer, or "light-bringer, " became referred to as title of Satan before his autumn.

Physical characteristics

Venus and world tend to be called twins because they are similar in size, mass, density, composition and gravity. But the similarities end there. [Photos: Venus, the Mysterious Planet Across The Street]

Venus could be the hottest globe within the solar power system. Although Venus is not the planet closest toward sun, its dense environment traps heat in a runaway form of the greenhouse effect that warms Earth. As a result, conditions on Venus get to 870 levels Fahrenheit (465 degrees Celsius), over hot enough to melt lead. Probes that researchers have actually landed here have actually survived only some hours before becoming destroyed.

Venus has actually a hellish atmosphere also, consisting mainly of carbon-dioxide with clouds of sulfuric acid, and scientists have only recognized trace quantities of water inside atmosphere. The atmosphere is weightier than compared to virtually any earth, leading to a surface stress 90 times that of Earth.

The area of Venus is extremely dry. During its advancement, ultraviolet rays from the sunshine evaporated water rapidly, keeping it in an extended molten state. There isn't any fluid water on its surface today because the scorching temperature created by its ozone-filled atmosphere would cause any to boil away. About two-thirds of Venusian surface is covered by flat, smooth flatlands which can be marred by a large number of volcanoes, some which are nonetheless active today, which range from about 0.5 to 150 kilometers (0.8 to 240 kilometers) large, with lava flows carving long, winding canals as much as a lot more than 3, 000 miles (5, 000 km) in length, more than on any kind of planet.

Six mountainous areas form about one-third of the Venusian surface. One hill range, known as Maxwell, is about 540 kilometers (870 kilometer) long and reaches to some 7 kilometers (11.3 kilometer) high, rendering it the best feature on earth.

Venus also possesses numerous area functions unlike everything on Earth. Including, Venus features coronae, or crowns — ringlike frameworks that start around around 95 to 360 miles (155 to 580 km) broad. Experts believe these formed whenever hot product underneath the crust rises up, warping the planet’s area. Venus also offers tesserae, or tiles — raised areas for which many ridges and valleys have actually formed in various instructions.

With problems on Venus that may be described as infernal, the old title for Venus — Lucifer — appears to fit. But this name did not carry any fiendish connotations; Lucifer implies "light-bringer, " and when seen from world, Venus is better than just about any various other earth or even any star inside night sky because of its highly reflective clouds and its particular closeness to your earth.

Venus takes 243 planet times to turn on its axis, by far the slowest of every regarding the major planets, and as a result of this sluggish spin, its steel core cannot create a magnetized field comparable to world's.

Orbital qualities

If viewed from above, Venus rotates on its axis the contrary method in which most planets turn. Meaning on Venus, the sunlight seems to increase into the west and occur the east. In the world, sunlight generally seems to boost in the eastern and set-in the west.

The Venusian 12 months — the full time it requires to orbit the sun's rays — is mostly about 225 Earth days long. Usually, that will imply that times on Venus would-be more than years. However, due to Venus' interesting retrograde rotation, the time from a single sunrise to the next is just about 117 Earth days long. [Gallery: Transit of Venus from June 5, 2012, as soon as the world transited while watching sunshine the past time through to the 12 months 2117.

Venus' southern hemisphere, as present in the ultraviolet.

Credit: ESA

Composition & structure

Atmospheric composition (by volume): 96.5 per cent co2, 3.5 % nitrogen, with small amounts of sulfur dioxide, argon, liquid, carbon monoxide, helium and neon.

Magnetic field: 0.000015 times compared to Earth's area.

Internal framework: Venus' metallic iron core is roughly 2, 400 miles (6, 000 km) wide. Venus' molten rugged mantle is about 1, 200 miles (3, 000 km) thick. Venus' crust is mainly basalt, and it is determined becoming six to 12 miles (10 to 20 km) thick an average of.

Orbit & rotation

Normal distance from sun: 67, 237, 910 miles (108, 208, 930 km). In contrast: 0.723 times that Earth

Perihelion (nearest method of sunshine): 66, 782, 000 kilometers (107, 476, 000 km). In comparison: 0.730 times that planet

Aphelion (farthest length from sunlight): 67, 693, 000 kilometers (108, 942, 000 kilometer). By comparison: 0.716 times compared to planet


Ab muscles top layer of Venus' clouds zip all over planet every four world times, propelled by hurricane-force winds traveling roughly 224 mph (360 kph). This super-rotation associated with the planet's environment, some 60 times quicker than Venus itself rotates, are among Venus' biggest secrets. The winds on planet's surface are a lot reduced, calculated to be just a few miles hourly.

The Venus Express spacecraft, that your European Space Agency established in 2005, intriguingly discovered evidence of lightning on the planet. This lightning is unique from that found on the various other planets in solar system, in that it is really not connected with liquid clouds. Rather, on Venus, the lightning is of clouds of sulfuric acid. Boffins are excited by these electrical discharges, simply because they can break molecules into fragments that can then match various other fragments in unforeseen means.

A long-lived cyclone on Venus, initially noticed in 2006, stays in continual flux, with elements continuously breaking aside and reforming. The clouds additionally carry signs and symptoms of meteorological occasions called gravity waves, triggered when winds blow over geological functions, causing increases and drops when you look at the levels of environment.

Unusual stripes when you look at the top clouds of Venus tend to be dubbed "blue absorbers" or "ultraviolet absorbers" since they strongly absorb light inside blue and ultraviolet wavelengths. These are bathing in a lot of power — nearly half the sum total solar technology our planet absorbs. Therefore, they apparently play a significant role to keep Venus as hellish as it is. Their particular specific structure remains unsure.

Analysis & exploration

The United States, Soviet Union and European Space department have actually implemented numerous spacecraft to Venus, above 20 in most so far. NASA's Mariner 2 emerged within 21, 600 kilometers (34, 760 km) of Venus in 1962, making it the very first world becoming seen by a passing spacecraft. The Soviet Union's Venera 7 was 1st spacecraft to secure on another planet, and Venera 9 returned the first pictures associated with the Venusian area. The initial Venusian orbiter, NASA's Magellan, generated maps of 98 percent regarding the earth's area utilizing radar, showing information on features as small as 330 feet (100 yards) across.

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