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Chris Stanford

Lecrae photographed by Chris Stanford on August 28, 2014 at Reach Records in Atlanta, Georgia.

As well as on the 8th time, God-created air conditioning.

Biblically speaking this may not be real, but on this sweltering late-August morning in Atlanta, any cool breeze seems heaven-sent. Call at the heat, 34-year-old rapper Lecrae and a six-person video clip team are shooting a music video clip for "All i would like Is You, " the next single from Lecrae's brand new record album, Anomaly.

You'd scarcely understand it through the indie-sized shoot, but Lecrae is a star - in Christian music, at the least. His last album, Gravity, premiered at number 3 on Billboard 200, sold almost 300, 000 copies (in accordance with Nielsen SoundScan) and won a Grammy for most useful gospel record album in January. He also counts professional professional athletes - dozens of all of them, from Tim Tebow to Andrew McCutchen - among their fans.

The question today: may Lecrae, just who rhymes about walking through "valleys in the shadows of death" the way many rappers rhyme concerning the concrete jungle, end up being the very first Christian rapper to-break in to the main-stream? If he does, it will not be because Anomaly downplays their trust or features top-dollar manufacturers and famous friends. He is counting on his perseverance and regular development as an artist (albeit one today written by Sony's purple). "I'll place it for your requirements like this: you can easily just get since mainstream as people will enable you to get, " he claims. "i am perhaps not probably transform my heartbeat or my enthusiasm, but we'll go where in actuality the people will let me go."

See Lecrae's Billboard Photo Shoot

Lecrae really went indeed there on Aug. 19. Giving an answer to the outpouring of anger and anguish from rappers and multitudes of other people inside aftermath of Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Mo., he tweeted, and later erased, this message to his 900, 000 supporters: "Dear hiphop, we can't scream 'murder, misogyny, lawlessness' in our songs & then turnaround and request equivalence & justice." That statement received reactions from all perspectives on line, with commenters both praising and condemning Lecrae's view.

"I'm perhaps not stating that should you rap about lawlessness, you are not competent to inquire of for justice, " he describes. "i believe that's how people took it. What I'm saying is, that type of inconsistency, when the majority of your songs talk about killing folks, and after that you tend to be screaming for justice, that inconsistency in individuals thoughts creates apathy and says, ''Why must I love what you're saying, because i recently heard 10 tracks about why that you do not admire the law, and from now on you prefer regulations to work in your stead?'"

Demonstrably, Lecrae enjoys a deft demand of nuance, a true blessing that most likely derives from his straddling of sacred and secular worlds. But it's in addition one thing of a curse: As their buddy Propaganda, a like-minded rapper from Ca, says about Lecrae's gospel Grammy win: "It really is funny as it's like, 'We know your movement; we just do not know things to phone you.'"

"frequently, " says Lecrae, "you’re the afterthought. Like, 'We’re probably do that panel on Ferguson; we have to get some voices from the music community. J. Cole, [KRS-One], Kendrick [Lamar], Talib [Kweli] ...' It really is like, 'Yo, think about Lecrae?' 'Nah, just what would he state? He's likely to walk us through Bible.' Those stigmas tend to be irritating every so often, but it is the cross we bear." After which, he adds quietly: "i am perhaps not complaining."

One exclusive club that appears pleased having him: professional activities. Jeremy Lin, Stephen Curry and Raiders defensive end Justin Tuck tweeted help for Anomaly when Lecrae disclosed the record art. Lots of Major League Baseball players make use of Lecrae’s music because their theme songs per at bat. Dwyane Wade teamed with Lecrae to aid a national "this might be Fatherhood" challenge.

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