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CHILDREN SHOOTING V SIGNThe Bridge of Peace class project is the third little bit of a bigger eyesight that support tiny refugee camps in north Syria. Initial of these jobs had been the completion of a well water-drinking system which includes brought safe, clean normal water to 1500 refugees within Al Waleed Camp and contains therefore enabled us to produce running liquid when it comes to building of fourteen one-room houses and today the college.

Built during the convergence of three camps, Al Waleed, Sahl Algaab and Gorba Watan with an overall total population of 3, 800 people, it will probably provide in the beginning as a training hub for approximately 120 children to start out, making it possible for area to develop in order that hundreds more children will later have the ability attend.

The institution will be the very first element of a much larger project that'll in the course of time change exactly what are today a few transient refugee camps into a more permanent neighborhood village as sadly, residents of the camps haven't any domiciles to return to. Future the different parts of this eyesight could consist of rehabilitations of well liquid methods, the building of a medical hospital plus personal entrepreneurial endeavors such as for instance tiny shops.

The Bridge of Peace School will include 500 sq. Meters (5, 303 sq. Ft.) that features four enclosed course spaces, a tiny management space, a backyard activity location equipped with benches for seating, and a public address system for shows. In addition, a cemented playing field location would be constructed and built with swings, jungle health clubs, volleyball / basketball /soccer location and associated recreations items. Included is standard landscaping. For protection, the complete school is going to be surrounded by a perimeter fence made from concrete with a primary doors.

SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION CREWEach class will at first be provided with big dried out erase panels, books, report, notebooks, pencils / pencils / erasers for older students and crayons, clay, craft report, glue, scissors as well as other art materials when it comes to younger pupils. There'll also be a school computer system and projector for academic reasons. A small generator or solar power system will likely be purchased to produce electrical energy for illumination as well as other low-intensity electric requirements.

The Bridge of Peace class has been implemented in 2 levels, 1st becoming the hard building prices, timber stoves for home heating, commodes, floor covers, lease for land plus the equipping for academic and administrative needs. The next stage includes the construction and equipping for the play ground and activity area.

PHASE We: $ 6, 090.00

PHASEII: $ 4, 300.00

TOTAL PRICE: $10, 390.00


Al Waleed, like other refugee camps in northern Syria, are increasing in populace as refugees continue to keep their particular towns and cities through the nation, fleeing from barrel bombs and Russian airstrikes. The interest in housing considerably out-paces the supply. Numerous brand new arrivals reside under make-shift tarps and suspended sheets of corrugated material while some have the ability to cope with the sun and rain in used, ripped and dilapidated tents.

Al Waleed features literally doubled in population within 12 months. On December 10th, 2015 Bridge of Peace Syria successfully finished a Really Water venture this is certainly now supplying the 1500 refugees with safe, clean drinking tap water. Now, we're shifting our attention to the surging need for sufficient housing.COMPLETED HOMES confronted with the option of changing old, worn-out tents for a cost of 0 each we had been recently given an alternative choice: Have you thought to build permanent structures, one space “Micro-Homes”, 4×5 yards that may house a household with up to 5 people for almost the same sum of money? We had been shocked to uncover this was feasible! “YES”, was our answer.

We learned that construction products, sand, cement and bricks (tangible blocks), are incredibly inexpensive in Syria and for $250 which includes a stove with gasoline, work and transport expenses pays when it comes to building of a house that endure winds, torrential rains and blistering temperature without use on products, for instance the fabric of tents. These houses should be created to last and final they have to as unfortunately, the war and its particular potential aftermath in Syria doesn't have end up in picture.

We instantly delivered cash to the project supervisor, Shareef Oubaid whom got to work and has currently finished two “Pilot Houses”. Each household features an income area, a kitchen area with operating water and a separate location for a toilet. Homes come designed with a concrete floor, wooden home, a stove for home heating, one tiny window and a corrugated metal roof.

TENT2One of our main concerns was the selection procedure of exactly how a household qualifies to receive property. Everything we found is selections will likely be done through a decision-making procedure by members of Al Waleed’s governing committee together with the camp director and our project manager. The poorest families, those in greatest need, may be selected for occupancy.


An assessment done-by Shareef, our task manager, calls for an immediate need of 14 more homes. With the cold winter almost upon them, the requirement of housing for refugees, especially individuals with small children, is many immediate. The cost of building these houses, including work, will likely be $6, 140. Imagine the influence you can make when you look at the lives of a Syrian refugee household for a somewhat little bit of money; helping all of them remain hot and dry during harshness of winter months could be a life-saving present.

When you can, by simply making a donation of $307 you are able to sponsor the building of a complete residence or, a lesser amount of that pay for a building component. Here's an itemized plan for the building of just one house.


  • $ 80 450 Bricks (cinder blocks)
  • $ 45 Cement and Sand
  • $ 25 Door metal Tubes and Fabric Panels for Roof
  • forty dollars kitchen stove for warming and Cost of gas for starters thirty days
  • $ 10 Transportation of products
  • $ 30 Worker Wages
  • $ 50 Project Manager Charge $307 Total Expense Per Home

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