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Pete and Steve throughout the challenge“i ran across snakes, spiders, huge webs, crazy pigs and monkeys. Adrenaline was always pumping and also the considered just what lurked in jungle and/or streams didn’t really enter my head during the time.

It had been the best adventure, and I also are immensely pleased with the success. The other rivals and medics had been our Band of Brothers throughout and this really held me going. Within The nights I Experienced an image of my kids holding in the hammock and I also would inform them about my time.”

The most difficult part for Steve had been navigating the treacherous landscapes and also the intense 45-degree heat.

“There were really high pros and cons and lots of this course wasn’t runnable. The leaves were thick – ankle level – and underneath those leaves you have a crisscross of tree vines and tree roots, definitely everywhere.

Pete's sore feet The second you heard a noise and seemed in that course to see just what it absolutely was, you'll get turning your foot on something. On Day 1, between Pete and I, we ought to have twisted our ankle about 50 times! A Floor ended up being only off to enable you to get fundamentally!”

Pete struggled to acclimatise into severe weather, therefore he and Steve chose to stay glued to our personal competition techniques from phase 1.

Steve at creating Line And on time three, disaster struck for Pete.

“I was having a good time and going very swiftly. After that disaster struck, when I stepped over a sizable sign and came crashing down greatly back at my correct foot. I understood it was really bad and significant inflammation ended up being instant.

I dragged myself to a higher checkpoint in severe discomfort, took painkillers making an endeavor to see out the other countries in the time. It was the toughest component for me in addition to last 11 miles had been intense towards severe. I loaded my mind with positive ideas of Rachel, Josh and Leila, and adopted the simple strategy of ‘one foot while watching other, after that repeat’.

Through the end of day 3, I experienced the foot heavily strapped my medics and merely pushed on.

Quitting was not a choice here, and thankfully walking sticks come in plentiful supply when you look at the jungle, …and are free.”

Pete in the swamp For Steve, the lake crossings had been the absolute most fraught times during the the task: “When you find yourself at nighttime in pitch-black darkness and you also find yourself swimming across a 600metre stretch of lake with a 15kg rucksack on your straight back. And with head torches throughout the surface, the thing is lots of eyes of caimans, bullfrogs, and all kinds of other animals. There’s no one here that will help you, no supporters, no marshals – you’re on you very own. It’s kind of unnerving really.“

One phase involved the young men operating for 108km – Steve were able to do phase 5 in 29 hours, with only an instant 45-minute nap in his hammock. Nonetheless it had been yet another story for Pete:

The swamp “I became in an environment of discomfort, but finally finished stage 5 at 9:30 pm from the second day, so that it had taken me personally 42 hours with 6 hours sleep at camp. I happened to be elated since I understood the battle ended up being just like total. I'd virtually given everything I had and arrived to embraces from my fellow rivals.

The final time saw all of us addressing 24km across the beach to the finish. I went and hobbled almost all of it, therefore the sensation was amazing when I crossed the range.

Steve had been here to give me a hug, and assisted me get my pack off. It Had Been now time for a beer…”

Despite every one of the challenges – heat, the humidity, the unforgiving surface, the injuries and hazards hiding at each part – both Steve and Pete agree it absolutely was a personal experience of forever.

Steve claims, “This event recently strengthened exactly how much i really like challenging myself and living life fully. I will continue to do so, plus challenges would be forthcoming. You have one opportunity in the world, so grasp the ability and absorb the beauty.”

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