How to get Free Jungle Heat diamonds?

Gameloft’s past Xbox Windows Phone 8 launch had a wide variety of in-app acquisitions that individuals published an extended guide just to protect all of them. Really, just about any part of that game had an IAP element, with experience less recommended than the others. The purchase model diminished what would otherwise be one of the best action games regarding the platform (though we however enjoyed it).

takes a much various strategy, as only 1 thing costs real cash: diamonds. People can earn the sparkly gems by leveling up and finishing story battles against employers, but that is about it. Go out therefore might be inclined purchase even more. Just what if you invest all of them on, anyway? Study our latest In-App Purchase guide to discover!

Diamond Bundles:

  • A small number of Diamonds –15 Diamonds – $1.99 (7.5 diamonds per buck)
  • A Bag of Diamonds – 40 Diamonds – $4.99 (8 diamonds per buck)
  • A Bucket of Diamonds – 85 Diamonds – $9.99 (8.5 diamonds per buck)
  • A Chest of Diamonds – 175 Diamonds – $19.99 (8.75 diamonds per dollar)
  • A Handcart of Diamonds – 450 Diamonds – $49.99 (9 diamonds per dollar)
  • A Tramcar of Diamonds – 1, 000 Diamonds – $99.99 (10 diamonds per buck)

Today let’s go over the countless approaches to invest diamonds and those are most effective.

Quickening time-based process

Kingdoms & Lords for Windows mobileSeveral areas of the video game require real-time to perform, including:

  • buildings that produce silver on a timekeeper
  • crop development
  • resource manufacturing (timber, rocks, and wool)
  • device manufacturing
  • product improve analysis

However, every one of these is a poor use for diamonds. You’d burn through all of them therefore fast by using all of them for rate ups, while wouldn’t be any better off than had you just waited.


Energy is a consumable resource that refills at a rate of 1 product every two minutes and 30 seconds.

Numerous actions take in power, particularly: gathering silver from structures, picking sources and plants, harvesting sources through the crazy such as for example trees and animals, engaging in tale battles, and assaulting arbitrary opponents. It doesn't cost power to grow plants or start resource production, “Revenge” assault a random opponent which attacked you very first, or go to or invade some body from your own friends record.

Energy can be bought listed here amounts:

  • 5 Energy Devices – 5 Diamonds
  • 10 Energy Products – 8 Diamonds
  • 15 Energy Products – 10 Diamonds
  • 25 Energy Devices – 15 Diamonds

Like spending diamonds to increase manufacturing, buying energy sources are wasteful. Your energy will fill-up as time passes anyway, so don’t squander a precious resource just to save a few minutes.


As opposed to selling coins as an In-App buy, coins just price diamonds.

  • 1, 000 Coins – 10 Diamonds
  • 2, 000 Coins – 18 Diamonds
  • 10, 000 Coins – 80 Diamonds

The money costs are – honestly – absurd. You’re plenty better off simply making coins the old-fashioned way.

Kingdoms & Lords for Windows mobilejust how better to rake within the coins then? By agriculture crops! You’ll discover Homestead structures under manufacturing, in which they cost 400 coins each. You really need to purchase as numerous homesteads as you are able to – fundamentally one or two for every device of power you'll presently hold.

Plant crops continuously and gather the riches from them before they wilt, cutting into your profits. In the event that you’ve grown more plants than you have got power to select these with, either pick-up somewhat extra energy by visiting friends or return in an hour or so if your energy has actually refilled. Hold carrying this out through the entire course of the game and you should be able to manage one land development per day, or even more.

Secret Cards

Single-use miracle cards are employed in fight against CPU opponents or other people. They provide a number of useful impacts such harming the opponent’s team or treating yours. Occasionally they’ll result in the difference between dropping to an exceptional force and coming out ahead.

Secret cards exclusively price gems; you can’t buy them with coins. You can get a couple of cards with treasures, but they’re so temporary that you’re better off getting all of them another way. See, pals can gift secret cards together free of charge. If you and some buddies deliver secret forward and backward to each other, you’ll rarely run short during those difficult battles. People may win a couple of spells from the free daily lotto.

Premium structures

Many of the game’s buildings arrive both regular and advanced types, the latter costing gems. Players can choose between advanced houses, manufacturing facilities, and also research facilities. Better homes pay more coins, much better study facilities full analysis quicker, and production facilities both complete faster and shell out a little even more coins or sources.

Premium buildings are great, but they’re certainly not worth spending diamonds in. They do provide you with much more productive in a reduced time, but it’s nothing like anyone could manage to populate a complete kingdom with advanced farms or something. You’re better off purchasing tons of homesteads also facilities with coins as an alternative.

Premium Heroes

After leveling up adequate to buy the Tavern, players gain access to heroes as armed forces units. The selection of heroes is certainly caused by composed of the campaign’s bosses, whom become available after becoming defeated.

Just a few heroes like the bad Monk expense coins to unlock, though. The others require huge levels of diamonds to unlock. In the event that you really enter the competitive facet of the online game, you could enjoy having one of those advanced warriors in your group. But heroes have a cooldown period after every struggle. You can’t utilize before the cooldown comes to an end if you don't pony up more diamonds – wii idea.


Clearly there has to be something worthwhile to expend those diamonds on, right? That anything is research.

Kingdoms & Lords for Windows mobile Kingdoms & Lords for Microsoft windows mobile

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