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Bob DiamondBob Diamond, the principle government of Barclays, should be called to provide research into Treasury select committee. Photo: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

Barclays' leader, Bob Diamond, is fighting to keep his task after the prime minister said accountability for lender's entry it had controlled key interest levels is going right to the top of the lender.

In a page sent to Andrew Tyrie, chairman of the Treasury select committee, Diamond said the bank's dealers that has experimented with rig the price for his or her own profit had been accountable of "wholly unacceptable behaviour". He stated: "these were running purely with regards to their very own advantage" but insisted the rates that they had distorted had not had any effect on ordinary savers and home loan consumers. He additionally guaranteed to claw straight back bonuses, withhold pay and fire those accountable for the scandal.

But Diamond's position takes yet another hit on Friday since the embattled lender is braced when it comes to details of a new mis-selling scandal become circulated.

David Cameron's attack on Barclays – which incurred £290m of fines for the part in fixing prices that impact the expense of which an incredible number of consumers can borrow – came once the bank's shares plunged 15%, wiping virtually £4bn off the value of Barclays with its biggest one-day fall since March 2009.

"men and women have to just take obligation the activities and show how they're going to be in charge of these actions, " said Cameron. "it is rather essential that goes right to the top of the organization."

The input by politicians, like the chancellor, George Osborne, just who described the rate-fixing as "a shocking indictment associated with the tradition at banking institutions like Barclays", arrived amid objectives of a criminal research and a potential bill the financial business any particular one analyst, Sandy Chen of Cenkos, warned could "run into the billions".

The destruction to Barclays' reputation you could end up the lender losing its status as top person in company locally, where Prince Charles is president. A spokeswoman explained that there ended up being a formal reduction procedure, with maybe not yet already been implemented. She added: "the problem has been talked about internally, but it is too-early to say whether Barclays account of organization could be formally assessed."

Sharp falls into the share costs of bailed-out Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group evoked memories of the darkest times of the banking crisis because the possible scale associated with the interest rate-fixing scandal appeared and before an announcement by the Financial Services Authority about the mis-selling of lending options to smaller businesses.

Barclays and RBS are required to-be in the center for the City regulator's warning that complex rates of interest swaps were mis-sold to small businesses hence redress will have to be compensated to lots and lots of out-of-pocket customers.

Barclays was fined for attempting to manipulate important interest rates referred to as London interbank supplied price (Libor) together with Euro interbank supplied price (Euribor) between 2005 and 2009. They truly are benchmark prices that play a vital role in deciding the expense of borrowing for families and businesses.

Osborne said there were "ongoing talks" between the FSA and SFO and that he had been researching ways to direct the £59.5m fine levied on Barclays to the arms of taxpayers in place of back to the FSA. United States regulators had been in charge of the rest of the £230m of fines. The regulators' investigations uncovered a wave of damning email messages which Barclays staff had been offered containers of Bollinger wine as repayment or their particular names printed in "golden letters" for changing interest levels.

In an attempt to show a willingness to clampdown regarding the City, Osborne guaranteed he'd unveil capabilities for criminal beliefs at collapsed banking institutions next week. Despite the fact that he made it obvious that Barclays was not the actual only real bank caught up in the manipulation interesting rates, he turned up the heat on Diamond.

"so far as the chief professional of Barclays can be involved, he has got some very serious concerns to resolve today. Just what performed he know so when performed he understand it? Who inside Barclays management was included and just who for that reason should pay the purchase price?" stated Osborne.

Diamond happens to be summoned before the Treasury select committee, chaired by Tyrie, who said: "we fear it will not be the end for the tale, that we are likely to discover various other finance companies are involved."

Among the other people co-operating with a worldwide examination are HSBC, RBS, Lloyds as well as the Swiss bank UBS. These are typically among 15 financial institutions that submit prices towards benchmark Libor price.

The British Bankers Association stated it was "surprised" within findings for the FSA and and United States authorities, and needed the us government to take-over the job.

In politically-charged language pointing the finger at Labour for lax regulation of this City during the period of the offences, the chancellor stated the interest rate-fixing ended up being "evidence of systemic greed at the cost of financial stability and stability" in 2005, 2006 and 2007. The

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