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This is the firstly two Planeswalker's Guide that explain Tarkir since it is present in Dragons of Tarkir.

If this were a unique present, Tarkir would be inside clutches of five effective khans. The deserts and woodlands would be rife with bloodshed and suffering from war. The clans could be locked in struggle for control of immense fortunes and vast kingdoms. But this is not that current. This present ended up being never the khans' to rule. This current is one of the dragons.

The great dragons of Tarkir owe their particular existence towards the Planeswalker Sarkhan Vol. From a dragonless present, he journeyed back in its history over 1000 many years to a crucial turning point, and truth be told there he spared Planeswalker Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, from demise. In this he ensured the continuing presence of dragon tempests, the storms that feast upon Ugin's magic together with way to obtain all dragons on Tarkir.

For many years, the clans fought a war resistant to the dragons for their own success, looking to gain some benefit into the struggle. Using dragons' presence guaranteed by Sarkhan's actions, draconic numbers expanded, and very quickly the tide regarding the war switched. In the end, the dragons had the ability to hunt down the khans and destroy all of them. Then all that ended up being left ended up being the dragons to claim their particular place on the vacant thrones of Tarkir.

The Khanfall. The khan-led clans fought the dragons as most useful they could. But one after another, all the old humanoid khans dropped, and their clans fell with them—an event over a thousand years back that's now known while the Khanfall. Instead of the old humanoid clans rose the five dragon clans, called after their particular dragonlords: the elder dragons Dromoka, Ojutai, Silumgar, Kolaghan, and Atarka.

Fate of Humanoids. The dragon clans couldn't wipe out the humanoid races. Following the khans had been defeated, the dragons switched their attentions to one another. The dragons allowed humanoids to follow along with and help them in their struggle against the other person, forming five brand new dragon-led clans. Practically all humanoids now reside within one of these simple five clans, serving a number of functions for their dragon overlords. Life are difficult within the dragon clans; the highest-ranked humanoid still ranks less than the lowest-status dragon. Nevertheless, account remains the safest life for humanoids. This is the world that Sarkhan's activities produced: a world where dragons certainly rule. Also Zurgo—the Mardu khan in Sarkhan's original timeline—must bow to a dragonlord.

Inside present, the beaten clans are ruled by five famous dragonlords. As time passes, the clans attended to embody the prevalent components of their draconic masters plus they represent these talents with draconic signs. Each clan bears title of its dragonlord and signifies the corresponding draconic aspect: Endurance, Cunning, Ruthlessness, Speed, and Savagery.

The Draconic Language. The dragons talk a language distinctive to their type. Although some dragons can speak the common tongue, they choose to not except in very rare circumstances.

Clan Analysis

Some on Tarkir bow to their overlords from anxiety or awe, the monks and mystics regarding the Ojutai clan publish from respect and a desire for understanding. The clan seeks to master how exactly to really embody the draconic part of cunning and has now taken the dragon's eye as emblematic to represent this quest for enlightenment.

The Ojutai accept there is a limitation toward wisdom they may be able achieve within their brief lifetimes. The dragons they revere, but reside a lot longer, and therefore the clan believes these overlords deserve the honor that is included with title of skywise. One of the best achievements for an Ojutai will be attract the private notice and attention of an esteemed skywise; it's after that anticipated that any and all teachings the dragon has to offer will be greedily devoured.

Ojutai orthodoxy keeps the dragons cannot rule the clan, but alternatively guide people who serve all of them to a larger knowledge of society. Most importantly of all, those in the clan price the benefits they reap thanks to the knowledge of the leaders. Consequently, any just who deviate from teachings of Ojutai along with his disciples are noticed not quite as governmental dissidents, but as heretics after a false way to enlightenment. Such sacrilege is swiftly and savagely penalized.

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