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We have compiled a reference of what I can find on the internet regarding Far Cry 2 Map publisher. Some of you have actually asked me to put-up some tutorials of Far Cry 2 editor. Therefore let me reveal some great work done by the city. It includes community forums articles, video clips and links.


While there possibly 3 sets of scrap tire models, like, you don’t should utilize them all. Using only one, it may be relocated, spun, draw to the planet, angled, merged collectively, to make the same object have small variants, while cutting your item matter.

In addition some similar models have a little smaller object counts (each item features a number). For e.g you may possibly put 3 person drums collectively. There total object count would be about 15. As an alternative, the model who has 4 barrels caught together features a count of 6 roughly. Possibly make use of that instead.

Design for the day and use sunlight to check areas. Nothing worse than attempting to build at night when you are able barely see any such thing.

Turning off the shadows into the editor when installation of. It helps the procedure because then you can examine intersecting things better to much better match irregular landscapes or oddball placements.

Balance. Ensure you give both sides pro's and disadvantages.

Do not simply concentrate on one awesome base and disregard the other team.

Give attention to security, offense, mobility, counter assaults and place. No one staff should have them while nobody team should be missing them all.

by Rockamura

Turn fully off as many HUD elements as possible when you just take photos and video clips of one's lead to marketing reasons. it distracts from your design elements.

Put aside an undeveloped section of your chart and put all items and brushes you have to have inside it to pass validation, just before place just about any items within the chart, i.e. destination all the spawn points, capture things spectator digital cameras, automobiles and physics things and so that you know it is important to have got all in one single small place off to - the side and leave them truth be told there as you focus on the others to "reserve" that memory restriction (consoles) and clean budget, in the event you get extremely detailed in other places. It sucks to invest considerable time on one thing, and then know you must begin deleting crap and reworking in order to ensure you get your needed elements in on budget.

Utilize ramp tool simply speaking areas with the smooth device to create substance and all-natural searching roadways that go within the sides of mountains.

by AlexG

Sketch your concept written down, top down view. Doesn't always have to be quite but certainly have actually a strategy

Research. Lookup photos. Use and study exactly what theme, style and direction you might be going. This is crucial if you prefer a map.

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