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jungle-heat-gameplay1Welcome to the jungle we’ve got another conflict of Clans clone. Jungle temperature is one of the ever growing genre of base building strategy games that dominated both mobile game market in 2013. Is it just another dull try to make some money or does the overall game offer adequate to get up on its very own feet?

Jungle temperature steps away from the numerous games in genre that provide a medieval or fantasy setting and as an alternative focuses on a military motif. Structures and troops all have actually a rather current military feel with units like rifleman, gunner and black colored hawk helicopter making-up your army.

As the title proposes the overall game is dependent within a forest environment with provides it an almost guerrilla warfare feel. Players must develop unique base enclosed by jungle making use of the many structures at their particular disposal. Structures feature a barracks to teach your troops, a lab to research improvements and a good amount of defensive frameworks.

jungle-heat-gameplay2Jungle Heat utilizes two different core currencies (silver and oil) with a third advanced money (treasures). Gold and oil must both be gathered in the long run using a gold mine or oil rig and need adequate storage structures.

Players can also accumulate these sources by assaulting other people or taking part in the solitary player part of the game. It’s additionally just as easy to lose these resources to attackers making your base design an essential section of Jungle Heat (much like the many other games within the category).

No strategic base building online game is complete without a competitors and personal factor that will be among the best features in Jungle Heart. People can easily develop their very own clans to form teams due to their current buddies or make brand new ones. While on the competitive side you'll participate on scoreboards and tournaments to show yourself.

Even though the total game play of Jungle Heat is not such a thing new the army setting is a truly good change in the genre.


  • Thank you for visiting the jungle.
  • an armed forces themed conflict of Clans clone.
  • Gather gold and oil to produce your defences, technology and recruit devices.
  • Many PvE and PvP game play to enjoy.
  • Great personal and competitive choices.

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