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The Damned (aka: These Are The Damned, 1963) - the ultimate series with this SF chiller features a set of Westland S-55 Whirlwind machines, which chase a 'getaway' automobile speeding straight down a-coast road and force the vehicle to get rid of. Crewmen from helicopters then 'kidnap' a child that had escaped from key military bunker. Among circling choppers in addition monitors a motorboat from the Dorset shoreline.

Along side manager Joseph Losey's later thriller, Figures In A Landscape (1970), this Uk film, made by Hammer Studios, ended up being instrumental in developing contemporary cinema's familiar depiction of helicopters as signs of oppressive government power.

Dance Of The Dwarves (aka: Jungle temperature, 1983) - manager Gus Trikonis relies heavily on chemistry involving the performers (Peter Fonda and Deborah Raffin) in this bizarre comedy-horror about women anthropologist employing a drunken helicopter pilot (traveling a UH-1 Huey, nicknamed 'the peerless Rita'), to help with the woman jungle search for a lost tribe of Filipino pygmies.

Danger: Diabolik (1968) - Mario Bava's comicbook adventure mixes dream and criminal activity with John Philip Law as the titular antihero. During an early on chase, the police surveillance helicopter (a Bell 47 with pontoons), looking for Diabolik's black E-type Jaguar along a coast roadway, carries a marksman whom shoots during the robber's getaway vehicle, and makes it crash into the water - but the cunning thief has already switched automobiles. In addition to the familiar Bell chopper, this sequence - significantly inexplicably, i believe - features brief shots of another helicopter (without a side door, bigger cabin, enclosed tail boom), the 1960s' Bell 47 J-2, seldom observed in movies.
Dante's Peak (1997) - "the film's brave US geologists employ a Bell TH-1L Iroquois to fly them out to the crater associated with volcano early in the film to analyze it. Later, once the volcano is truly erupting and spewing thick clouds of ash in to the sky, and citizens of Dante's Peak tend to be caught willy-nilly in a wild panic, the 'asshole pilot', already established to be rather a mercenary, proposes to fly folks out-of-town, for thousands of dollars per individual. Only the city's rich individuals have that sort of cash so they really clamber aboard while the helicopter will be taking off. Definitely, volcanic ash gets sucked in to the chopper's motor and the pilot loses control. The 'Huey' nosedives, strikes the bottom, then bounces (conveniently traveling on the SUV carrying heroes Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton) and sails through environment in which it crashes into a gas section, which violently explodes. - BILL HIERS

Darkest Day (2015) - this British zombie film features Boeing HC2 Chinooks from RAF, even though use of helicopters in the scary crisis is not very convincing.

Whirlwind helicopter in DamnedOne Chinook (CGI just) drops troops onto the coastline. The CGI helicopter re-appears flying throughout the streets of Brighton. Additionally it is seen parked in grounds of a country home.

Other brief shots consist of two real Chinooks in aerial views (possibly stock footage), traveling to neighborhood woodlands. One helicopter places to deploy soldiers for a search mission.

Into the final sequence, the CGI Chinook (playing an SAR part) spins around in a group over the shoreline.

The Dark Knight (2008) - this original sequel to functions probably the most dazzling metropolitan helicopter crashes however filmed. Utilizing a mix of real device, CGI, and physical effects, a Gotham town authorities chopper (a Bell 206B, from sunlight Aero Helicopters, Chicago) that is likely to offer environment cavalry help for a protection transport convoy, is brought down with regards to flies into cables over the street, causing it to spin out of control, smash to the front of a building, and hit the ground as burning up wreckage into the path of an armoured vehicle. "That's not good!" exclaims the SWAT van's passenger.

The film additionally features a Eurocopter AS-355N, which seems through the heroes' goal to Hong Kong, and there's a Bell 430, utilized by Bruce Wayne for his dramatic arrival to a penthouse party. Prior to the climactic views, a pair of United States Army 'Huey' types fly-by, merely to assist establish the existence of nationwide Guard soldiers inside the town during a terrorist crisis.



Dark Skies (1996-7) - this UFO conspiracy sci-fi TV show had the original 'black helicopters' in many moments, unmarked black Sikorskys used to transport Captain Frank Bach (J.T. Walsh) and his cronies. - BERND BIEGE
Dartmoor Killing (2015) - this Uk psycho-thriller has a police Robinson R-44 look, after the climactic physical violence, hovering over a hilltop.

Dave (1993) - inside political comedy, a suitably painted Sikorsky S-61L stands-in for the 'Marine One' presidential helicopter bringing President Bill Mitchell (Kevin Kline) and First Lady Ellen Mitchell (Sigourney Weaver) to the White home.

Dawn of Dead (1979) - George A. Romero's comic zombie scary film has actually SWAT cops and people they know escaping in a helicopter from beseiged town to an out-of-town shopping center.

Later, in a struggle utilizing the heroes, one zombie gets killed as soon as the top of their mind is sliced down because of the whirling rotor blades.

Dance associated with Dwarves VHS field artworkDawn of this Dead (2004) - Zack Snyder's remake of Romero's great zombie horror is enjoyably grisly activity, therefore features appearances by several helicopters.

Within one aerial scene, tracking the heroine's vehicle along a suburban road, a Bell JetRanger swoops into view and finance companies correct, off-screen.

Later on, whenever survivors tend to be holed up inside retail center, a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave minimal (S-65), which was converted from an HH-53B 'Super Jolly Green Giant', passes by expense, but does not answer SOS messages painted in the building's roof-top.

A single day upon Tomorrow (2004) - this SF catastrophe film, about international warming causing a new Ice Age, features a scene where three helicopters crash in Scotland after the sudden chill of climatic modification freezes their particular gas lines. The electronic effects familiar with realize this series aren't really convincing. An additional relatively dazzling, but unimaginative aerial set-piece, the team of a TV news helicopter observe a blitz of tornado storms ripping aside several of Los Angeles' landmark structures.

"for motion picture, a fleet of Boeing CH-47 Chinooks had been in the pipeline the relief by the end. The US Army ended up being assisting the production as best it could but, because most of the Army's domestic shares of Chinooks had been overseas during the time, they might only supply one machine. All of the remainder tend to be CGI. Additionally, for the shots regarding the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks, the US Army helped take apart a Black Hawk to fit it in front of a blue display screen on an inside set for a few associated with electronic results shots. Two flying examples of the Ebony Hawk were in addition given to live-action shots." - NATHAN DECKER

Day's Atonement (1992) - the villain of the gangster crisis eliminates their opponents by dropping them off a helicopter (a Eurocopter As-350), hovering at altitude, on the reasons of his estate.

Day's The creatures (1977) - this nature's revenge thriller (in which solar radiation drives wildlife crazy) by William Girdler has a team of hikers dropped off inside Sierra hills by helicopter, just before a local quarantine is launched.
Day Of The Dead (1985) - chopper flights bookend this final film in George Romero's original trilogy of zombie classics. The starting journey scene over a town controlled because of the grotesque undead is extremely creepy. The film's ending sees the Bell 206 JetRanger parked on an idyllic coastline.

A single day associated with the Triffids (1981) - when you look at the 6th and final bout of this Brit TV show, adjusted from classic SF book by John Wyndham, there's the brief look of a Bell 47 (supplied by Bristow Helicopters), which visits the heroes' escape in a Wiltshire farmhouse before time for another group of survivors regarding the Isle of Wight.
Day The Earth Caught Fire (1961) - in this British sci-fi catastrophe motion picture, a Hiller UH-12 helicopter appears (in unique results shots) getting aerial photos of London during the fog series.


Your day our planet Stopped (2008) - this no-budget sci-fi movie's poor-quality CGI includes an army helicopter (possibly a Black Hawk design), that's zapped from the sky by a giant alien robot.


Deadly Outbreak (1995) - within activity thriller starring martial musician Jeff Speakman, terrorists make an effort to take a dangerous virus from a research laboratory in Israel. It's around a security shield from the US embassy to eliminate the crooks and save your self your day.

Once the terrorists take control the laboratory and also the alarm fades, we see brief shots of Cobra gunships, Bell 206 JetRangers, and a UH-1 Huey answering the incident.

Later, when the bad guys escape from the laboratory and attempt to attain the airport in a coach, the authorities chase all of them in a Bell 206 JetRanger. The hero jumps through the helicopter on the top of the coach, and in the end retrieves the herpes virus and saves the past surviving hostage.

At the conclusion of the film, an Israeli sniper in the hovering JetRanger propels the very last terrorist. - HEGYI ISTVAN

Deadly Prey (1987) - in this low-budget actioner, mercenaries utilize a Bell 206 JetRanger to look for the hero, and try to take him from environment.

After a change of gunfire, the hero fires a grenade and blows the helicopter out from the sky. - HEGYI ISTVAN

Deadpool (2015) - this superhero movie features a Sikorsky S-61N transport that people see landing at a remote airfield, and also the huge helicopter takes off once more whenever bad guys have finished their business offer.

The Dead 2: India (2013) - in this zombie motion picture, Chinook transports fly over busy roads while virus breaks out anywhere. Later, during the train wreck scene, a Chinook lands beside the railroad line to keep evacuation flights to Mumbai, although hero misses his opportunity to log in to the departing helicopter.

Contract of Century (1983) - this comedy motion picture is directed by William Friedkin, therefore stars Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver, and Gregory Hines.
There is a good collection of helicopter performers, including two-armed MD500s - run by the stereotypical Southern United states dictatorship of 'San Miguel', a Bell 206L operated by 'Luckup Industries' as VIP transport, and a Hiller FH1100 traffic development copter, which for some reason survives an attack because of the traveling celebrity of this movie, the 'Peacemaker' (an unmanned combat air vehicle). - ALEX YOUNGS
Death Note 3 - L: replace the World (2008) - following the 'plague' outbreak in a Thailand village, a camouflage-painted Huey (armed with rocket pods) chases and attacks fleeing survivors. The low-flying chopper hovers in an off-road clearing, halts the pickup truck then kills it (off-screen) in an explosion. Later, there is a MBB/ Kawasaki BK 117 B-1 (licence-built Eurocopter) traveling ambulance to medevac a young boy to hospital.
The loss of The Incredible Hulk (1990) - within last spin-off television motion picture produced from the popular television series, a Bell 206L LongRanger hovers throughout the airfield views during climactic shootout. If the Hulk sheds of an exploding airplane, just after it takes down, he passes the airborne helicopter, on their way-down hitting the concrete.
Death Race (2008) - this remake of Death Race 2000 (1975) features a set of Eurocopter AS355 TwinStar gunships, with rocket pods, chasing last two vehicles throughout the hero's off-track escape in the connection from island prison. The helicopters stop one racer regarding the mainland dockside and circle around the car in a shot copied from Birds Of Prey.

Death Race 2 (2010) - in this prequel to a remake, there is an Aerospatiale AS-350B Ecureuil (with doorways eliminated) hovering over the orifice series of a prison riot.

Death Race 3: Inferno (2012) - inside action movie sequel, a Eurocopter AS-350B (in a quarry scene at final range) tracks the deadly progress of weaponised rally cars through the Kalahari Desert.

A few Aerospatiale SA-330J Puma civil transports have emerged parked when you look at the hanger of a-south African airfield.

Huey in Dante's Peak Darkest Day helicopter Chinooks in Darkest Day

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