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The Kings stated new uniforms which go along with the brand new logo ready wouldn’t be unveiled until later on this summer. However their interactive web page about the brand-new logo design includes a background image of a brand new purple jersey with “SAC” lettering — presumably a brand new road or alternative jersey (simply click to enlarge):

Here’s the background picture on it's own, with no overlaid photos, and brightened up (mouse click to expand):

Okay, after that, exactly what do we believe? Let’s go one thing at any given time:

1. The colors. Clearly, I’m maybe not a fan of purple. But I like their new deeper tone much better than the last one, and I really like just how it pairs due to their brand-new tone of slate grey (which they’re calling “granite, ” but whatever), at the least in the brand-new logos. Chris Creamer has furnished a good view the way the new colors compare towards old people:

2. The main logo. Once again, i enjoy along with pairing. In addition that way they’re revitalizing and upgrading a logo design from their past, anything i mightn’t always expect with this franchise.

But I think the execution is combined. The baseball at the end appears great, and I’m good with the typography (even though it’s strange that the “S” in “Kings” does not match the one in “Sacramento”), although crown seems like a mix of an arrow pointing down and the remaining, the Titanic sinking, and a collapsing building. The diagonal white outlines of negative room feel too dense. All in all, this the main logo design is not doing work for me.

3. The “SAC” logo design. Even as we all understand by now, the NBA loves its three-letter town abbreviations. Approved, “Sacramento” is a lengthy, unwieldy term, therefore using an shortened version makes a lot of feeling. I have no clue whether folks in Sacramento actually relate to the town as “Sac, ” nevertheless — do they?

4. The lion logos. Theoretically, i enjoy the notion of a lion dribbling a basketball — but wouldn’t that be better for a team called, you understand, the Lions? Also, as lots of people rapidly stated yesterday, the lion designs look a lot like the logos for the Premier League, the NHL’s Kings, Lowenbrau, and plenty of other things.

5. The stand-alone top logo. I really similar to this one much better than the top on major level, since the curved base helps it be feel much more crown-like. Would’ve already been interesting if they’d tried something similar to that with the main. Any person wanna just take a stab at just how which may look?

6. The purple “SAC” jersey. Too early to state — we must understand complete design. Perhaps not nuts about that “6, ” however.

Finally, there’s this, which will be pretty brilliant:

HAH! Inverted Hawks & Kings logos look like pacman! ->

— Phil Hecken (@PhilHecken)

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At the same time, over when you look at the NHL…: could be the level shown at right the brand new Florida Panthers logo design? I’m confident it is. Sorry, can’t share any details on the way I received it.

Because you can remember, an information associated with the Panthers’ brand-new logo and jersey ended up being circulating in January. According to some body who’d seen the design at the time, the logo design showcased a panther that has been “more normal, ” with “red eyes” and “bared teeth.” This brand-new leak doesn’t very match that information (no bared teeth). But after I tweeted this brand new logo yesterday, honcho Chris Creamer told me that his own sources had verified that it's without a doubt the newest Panthers logo design. So there you choose to go.

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