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Hendri CoetzeeChris Korbulic and Ben Stookesberry found at an assessment of a kayaking movie in Ashland in 2002, an encounter that blossomed into a friendship that could take them on whitewater activities around the world.

They will have explored crazy streams in Asia, Pakistan and Bhutan in Asia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Columbia in south usa after which Mexico, Canada and United States. They will have plunged 100-foot waterfalls, confronted anacondas and slept on dirt flooring in remote villages.

In October, they embarked on a brand new adventure: Africa. Like Henry Stanley and David Livingstone over a hundred years ago, they tripped to the forest on the Lukuga River into the Congo.

Four wonderful times of paddling when you look at the heart of Africa ended in horror whenever their guide ended up being attacked and killed by a crocodile Dec. 7.

Hendrik "Hendri" Coetzee, a recommended 35-year-old South African explorer, was residing in Uganda whenever Korbulic and Stookesberry arrived indeed there Oct. 19.

The two People in america knew of Coetzee by reputation due to the fact premier expedition kayaker in Africa. These were rapidly impressed.

His companions were well equipped the travel. Korbulic, 24, just who sat in a kayak before he could stroll, grew up paddling the Rogue River near his hometown of Gold Hill. He learned microbiology at Oregon State University but left in 2006 to pursue his whitewater goals.

Stookesberry, 32, which was raised in Greeley, Colo., used kayaking as a freshman at Southern Oregon University. In Ashland, Stookesberry formed his very first movie organization and then later on, after graduating with a double significant in mathematics and geology, he made nine kayaking films for their production company, Clear H2O Films.

Darin McQuoid/Eddie Bauer First AscentSouth African kayaker Hendri Coetzee

The duo in the pipeline to fully capture the uncharted oceans regarding the Lukuga River inside Congo basin for a unique documentary, with Korbulic using stills and Stookesberry catching movie.

"It really is an impressive waterway which had never been effectively navigated before, " Stookesberry told The Oregonian in a phone meeting from Reno.

On Dec. 4, after months of planning, Coetzee, Korbulic and Stookesberry slipped their kayaks into Lake Tanganyika at dawn, with mountains imposing in background and chimpanzees clambering close by.

"The water of Tanganyika is crystal clear, " said Stookesberry. "There are white, sandy shores. We didn't expect you'll discover this exotic haven."

They paddled along within the temperature, ingesting huge trees, rich plant life, unique wild birds and little white fish that soared 6 legs in to the air. They saw swinging monkeys, hippos dozing under the sun as well as on the initial day, a 12-foot-long crocodile.

After running streams with 100-foot drops, the 2 kayakers are not taxed because of the Lukuga, that was trickiest during one 40-mile stretch of rapids.

"It was considered unnavigable, " Stookesberry said. "It had never ever already been operate before in virtually any type of motorboat."

They managed to make it through alright.

"Everything ended up being going absolutely perfectly - through the river daunting united states with its beauty to the interpersonal dynamics, " Stookesberry said. "We were getting along very well especially since we'd just fulfilled both."

On Dec. 7, after per night of hefty rainfall, they began in the beginning light, stopping mid-morning for eating. Then they ventured on, spotting some small crocodiles along the way.

After hrs, they passed through their final rapids on the Lukuga River. Before them stretched 100 kilometers of level liquid. Nonetheless, they never let-up their guard, paddling their three kayaks in tight, defensive development so they would seem like one big creature to a predator.

Coetzee was at the center. Korbulic was on his right side and Stookesberry paddled just a little forward on the left. Korbulic held glancing at Coetzee, ensuring these people were staying close.

After that death-struck.

"we looked over and caught this croc approaching and catching onto Hendri, " Korbulic stated. He just saw a flash of giant jaws.

"there is no sound, " he stated. "It was quickly and smooth. Hendri did say anything but I became totally used in what I became witnessing."

What Coetzee yelled, Stookesberry stated, had been "Oh, my God."

Coetzee's kayak turned-over, there was clearly a struggle it tipped right side up vacant.

The two Us citizens paddled because of their life to coast. The locals don't have a boat. Coetzee had been the ninth person killed by a crocodile in past times several years, Stookesberry said, while the villagers were terrified of the river.

The 2 guys squeezed help from the Global save Committee, which got all of them to a nearby city.

They travelled back again to the usa in shock and want to spend the holidays with household. Korbulic is planing a trip to south Oregon and Stookesberry to Colorado.

It may be some time before they are able to seem sensible of their tragic trip.

"It is hard to think about this, " Stookesberry stated. "We felt like we performed everything right. We minimized the danger to the biggest level possible. The assault had been like lightning striking. There was clearly next to nothing that individuals may have done."

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