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Battle Beach or Jungle Heat

drewpostSAINT LUCIA - The main reason for traveling is to find away and relax and just what better place to accomplish that compared to the Caribbean islands?

Drew’s right here to fill us in on how best to live the tropical life:

"So I've been traveling round the Caribbean going back month. We started in Trinidad and Tobago and then We went to Barbados for a week, I quickly went along to Dominica for weekly now i am in Saint Lucia."

Drew’s biggest word of advice whenever visiting the Caribbean? Bring lots of money. Then a few more money.

"Taxis are very pricey, food's pricey, getting from area to island is high priced, flights and ships are both high priced, [it’s] because they never create any such thing here so everything is imported from the U.S., from Europe and there's a top income tax on that” he explains.

Although Drew states Saint Lucia makes the additional costs all worth it. "I'm certain lots of people be aware with this area as it's very touristy. A lot of the cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, they really stop here. Therefore it is much more commercialized, you can find hotels, there are shopping malls. There's clearly far more money here but that is once and for all reason simply because they have amazing's like superior liquid, something like regarding an image, like a postcard."

"lots of people explained it had been the most effective area here and so far they are proper, " states Drew.

However it wasn't all beaches and tanning for the resident traveler. He states he’s been getting some work with. "we hiked this volcano in Dominica, it really is unbelievable, outstanding views from top. I am actually about hike another volcano within Saint Lucia. I like walking it's really's great to obtain up early and just go out and view the country from an unusual viewpoint and acquire an excellent exercise within."

Then there is the casual battle of guy vs mosquito. “into the village, we were remaining in an Airbnb, like within the forest, generally there were mosquitoes every-where. Once You sleep you've got a mosquito web over you or else you're going to get like a million bites and I nonetheless had bites with all the mosquito web.”

But despite all of the issues mosquitoes, received claims he’s maybe not worried really focused on getting Zika. "There's been no Zika notifications or something, We haven't talked to whoever had it. I've been in South America and the Caribbean for a few months today, have not run into anybody who'd it no tales...don't panic to visit right here."

If you want to discover a lot more of Drew’s travels and recommendations simply click here or know where he could be today by adding him on Snapchat.

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